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At Result Surface Preparation Inc. our goal is to make owning a boat more fun than work. As a boat owner one of the hardest things to do is maintain your below water line area. Not only is it difficult but it’s time consuming and potentially hazardous. That’s why the founders of Result Surface Preparation use a unique and cost-effective blasting service to keep your vessel performing at its best.

Since its inception in 2005 Result Surface Preparation Inc. has made it our mission to make sure boat owners spending more time enjoying their boats than working on them. One of the most pesky and time consuming tasks is keeping the bottom clean. Keeping the bottom clean is essential for optimizing your boat’s performance.

Result Surface Preparation blast's away your old worn bottom paint and preps the surface for a fresh coat without your boat even leaving the marina.

Result uses a wet abrasive blasting system that removes anti-fouling and bottom coats without creating a cloud of hazardous dust that off comes as a result of boat owners trying to tackle the job themselves. Our team will save you hours of back-breaking grinding and sanding and leave the bottom of your boat looking like new, while protecting the environment and avoiding potential law suits due to your neighbours boat sustaining damage from air borne contaminants.

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Did you know that even light buildup of fouling can knock 5 knots off your top speed and increase your fuel consumption by 30%? Well, it’s true and sailboats especially should be concerned about the increased drag. The problem is most boat owners find hull cleaning tedious, messy, and difficult. This causes them to neglect doing it or to do a poor job. When you’re out on the water enjoying the weather, the last thing you want to think about is a messy hull that you’ve been dreading taking care of. It’s time to call the professionals at Result Surface Preparation and get back to enjoying your boat.




Many companies offer cleaning services, but none like Result Surface Preparation. At Result Surface Preparation, we know that the only way to safely and effectively remove your problem bottom paint is to use wet abrasive blasting

Grinding and sanding is time consuming, difficult and hazardous. Our system will blast away bottom paint back to the gel-coat so that you are ready for a fresh coat of paint.

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